Answer the call to hope in a new way!

You are compassionate and empathetic. You are an advocate. You speak up. You answer Jesus’ call to care for the world’s most vulnerable. These things you know to be true, but the hard part is figuring out how to best use your voice.

Historically, we’ve asked advocates like you to host live Compassion Sunday events in churches. But this model doesn’t work for everyone. And that’s exactly why we’d love to offer you the opportunity to advocate for children living in poverty in a new and unique way.

Would you advocate for three children who are in desperate need of sponsors by going live on social media? It’s easier than you might think! You’ll have your own personal advocacy page and receive all the resources you need to bring your friends and family along on the mission of releasing children from poverty in Jesus’ name.

Sign up today to use your social media to connect passionate Christ-followers — like your friends and family — to children living in poverty.

Here’s how this will work

Finding sponsors for children living in poverty might sound a little bit intimidating, but it’s easier than you think! Your voice might just be the one to connect someone who wants to make a difference with a child who so desperately needs support. Here’s what the simple process will look like ...

  1. Set up your personal advocacy page. Once you do, three unsponsored children will be assigned to you. Plus, we’ll send you a FREE Advocacy Kit that includes a T-shirt, stickers, a booklet with tips for sharing about sponsorship and more!
  2. Share about sponsorship in three simple steps ...
    • Go live on social media on April 25.
    • Post photos on your favorite platforms.
    • Share your child cards (which you’ll receive in your Advocacy Kit).
  3. Celebrate as children all around the world receive new sponsors.


What if I can’t get all the children assigned to me sponsored?

We believe you can — and you could even consider starting by sponsoring one of the children yourself! But if you don’t get all the children sponsored, that’s OK! After a few weeks, they will be removed from your personal advocacy page so that someone else has the opportunity to sponsor them.

What do I do when someone wants to sponsor one of the children assigned to me?

The most important thing to do is point them to your advocacy page! When you create a page, you’ll get to come up with a custom URL (internet address). So, make sure to link the URL when you post on social media or send an email, or mention it in your Facebook Live event or virtual small group.

After someone sponsors one of the children assigned to my advocacy page, what will they receive next from Compassion?

Please tell sponsors that they can expect to receive a complete Welcome Kit from Compassion. It will include information about letter writing, sending gifts and much more.

Why Compassion Sunday?

Churches bring hope into the world, and Compassion Sunday gives you the opportunity to join in bringing that very hope. Typically, Compassion Sunday involves a presentation about sponsorship by someone like you in front of their church family. However, this format is not a good option for everyone. And that’s why we’ve created this new option.

Compassion Sunday doesn’t have to take place in a singular church. It can happen by harnessing the big "C" Church — your Christ-following friends, family, community members — to join the fight of releasing children from poverty in Jesus’ name.

How does going live on social media help?

Especially over the past year, we’ve found Facebook Live to be an incredibly effective tool for communicating about child sponsorship. It’s a great way to connect and share your heart with people whom you may not get to see on a regular basis. It gives you the opportunity to use your influence and platform in a unique and powerful way.

When should I go live on social media?

Compassion Sunday is on April 25 this year. That’s when most people will be hosting events at church and going live on social media. We think it would be so powerful if you joined in on this day! However, we’re totally flexible! You can choose whatever day works best for you.