Will you answer a call to HOPE?

By sponsoring a child through Compassion, you are helping to provide a child in poverty with nutrition, medical care, educational support, Christ-centered guidance and so much more. You can take part in changing a child’s future by becoming a sponsor today!

Sponsor a child today!

Hi Friends,

Throughout Scripture, God calls us to care for the poor and bring hope to those who need it the most.

Today, you have the opportunity to answer that holy call — a call to HOPE — by sponsoring a child living in poverty.

When a child is sponsored through Compassion, they are connected to a local church in their community. Their physical, cognitive, emotional and spiritual needs are cared for. And when a supportive sponsor — someone like you — writes a letter, you spread love and hope to a child.

If you feel led to answer God's call today, please look at the photos on this page. These children are waiting for hope. They are waiting for a sponsor. They are waiting for you.

Thank you for giving Hope!

These Children Still Need Sponsors ...

These Children Received Sponsors!